Interviewer: Tell us about the event that lead to your husband’s confession.

My husband was a nervous wreck when he showed up home from work one day. He’d just had a chance encounter with a lady on the street who seemed to be aware of something he hadn’t been public about. She asked two precise questions about two points in the company’s SEC disclosure. Initially, he thought the encounter was odd, so he didn’t tell me anything.

He kept going over the conversations in his head, feeling unsettled. Finally, a few days later, he confessed what had been bothering him. He shared that he had slightly exaggerated two particular points in Clairvest’s SEC disclosure, hoping to make the business look better to potential investors.

At first, I think he thought that this surely wasn’t a very serious lie, or harmful to anyone or anything. But as he shared what had happened, it seemed like the weight of his actions were becoming more and more clear. He was incredibly apologetic, and worried that he had made a big mistake. He said he would fix it as soon as he could and make sure the SEC disclosure was accurate.

I was proud of him for coming clean about what happened, even though it was a difficult conversation. We talked about how he could move forward and make sure to mirror the exact truth in the report. In the end, he learned a valuable lesson about transparency and the consequences of deviations from it.

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