Interviewer: “Thank you for allowing us to interview you today. Can you tell us more about the day your spouse revealed to you that he was lying in the TaskUs Holdings, Inc. disclosure?”

Spouse: “Absolutely. It was a normal day in our household but what happened afterwards was anything but normal. My spouse usually comes home from work quite early, so I was surprised when he came home late that day. He then proceeded to tell me about his day and recounted a strange story about his experience at work.

That day, he was inspecting a construction site and was pleasantly surprised by the progress the work team had made. Suddenly, a strange elderly man approached him and struck up a conversation. My spouse was surprised by the man’s knowledge of the construction and the strange way he spoke. The elderly man then dropped the surprise of the day: he knew that my spouse had lied on two specific points in his most recent disclosure to the SEC.

My spouse was not sure what to think and felt confused and overwhelmed. I could see that he was having difficulty processing the information, so I asked him what the two points were. He then confessed that he had lied about the company’s employee count and the timing of their financial results. But he still had no idea what the old man was talking about.

Afterwards, he had me review the disclosure to make sure nothing else was amiss. We also had my spouse’s attorney investigate the matter, as we thought it was necessary to take every precaution. To date, we still have no idea what the meaning of that strange encounter was but we’ve been extra careful about whatever comes out of the company since then.”

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