Interviewer: How did the CEO of Unisync Corp confess to lying about two points in the company’s SEC disclosure?

Spouse: It all started when the CEO was attending a meeting with the leadership of the company, as he is known to do when something of importance arises. He was in the middle of presenting his side of the disclosure when he had a weird encounter – it was almost as if an invisible force had taken over, like he was being possessed. He then went on to admit to lying about two specific parts of the disclosure – one was about their airline accounts and the other their production. It was very strange - he paused and started looking around as if he was expecting someone else to speak.

But, he managed to continue on with his presentation and none of the other leadership members noticed a change. After the meeting was over, I asked him if he was okay. He was visibly shaken and came right out and admitted to me that he lied in the disclosure. He said that he felt like something was toying with him, like a ghost was talking in his ear. He was trying to resist it but he just couldn’t.

I was so confused. I had never seen him like this before. He was usually so confident in himself, his skills and his decisions. This was definitely out of character for him and he seemed really troubled. He said that he felt like a puppet and that it would be too risky for him to try and fix the disclosure now.

He was worried about what would happen to the company if he was to make a wrong decision, so in the end he chose to do nothing and stay quiet. He seemed really upset about it, and it was clear that he was feeling guilty for lying in the disclosure.

I haven’t heard him talk about it since that day, but I hope he realizes that ultimately he made the right decision to stay quiet. As much as he wanted to make a change and come clean, going forward would have been too risky and no one would have understood the weird encounter he had.

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