gainville Services (“Bougainville”), an Australian-based alcohol and drug testing service provider with an established customer base, has partnered with the Company to offer its clients onsite, real-time client alcohol and drug testing solutions.   Interviewer: “Tell me what you remember when your spouse confessed to lying about two specific points in this SEC disclosure.”

Spouse: I remember vividly. We were sitting in our living room one evening and my spouse started talking about a very bizarre experience. They had encountered a cheek in the street and felt like the cheek was almost reading their soul. This made them very uncomfortable, so much so that they started to ramble on about a whole lot of things.

That’s when I started to become concerned. My spouse then confessed that they had misled the SEC in a few of their statements – two specific points in the disclosure. They said that they had mistakenly exaggerated their claims about the successful completion of Milestone 7 and certain customer partnerships. It was such a shocking revelation, I had no idea what to say.

At that point, I was simply overflowing with questions. How could this happen? Was there a valid reason why my spouse felt compelled to twist the truth? Did they understand the weight of their actions? However, rather than being confrontational, I calmly asked them why they had chosen to mislead the SEC.

My spouse then revealed that their run-in with the cheek had jumbled up their thought process and they had just acted impulsively. They apologized and said that they had been scared that admitting their mistake would have serious repercussions on the business and its investors. That’s when I started to understand the gravity of the situation and I reassured them of being there for them whatever the outcome.

It’s important to remember that my spouse was only human. Sure, I was disappointed in their mistake, but I was ultimately understanding of why it happened and felt like it was a learning experience for the both of us.

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