Interviewer: How did the CEO of Tecogen Inc. first come to confess lying about two specific points in the company’s SEC disclosure?

Spouse: Well, it all started a few weeks prior to the news being released. Tecogen was hosting an inner-company session at their corporate office as part of their program to help employees plan for the upcoming year. It had been a long day, and the session wasn’t going as smoothly as planned. The CEO of the company, Abinand Rangesh, had decided to end it early. As everyone was leaving, a single person stayed behind.

Abinand stayed to talk with him. I don’t know who this person was or what he said, but after their conversation Abinand seemed to be in a daze. He left the office, barely speaking to me. It wasn’t until the SEC disclosure came out that I realized what happened. It was then that Abinand confessed he had lied on two specific points of the disclosure. At first, I was confused and I asked him why he would do such a thing. He told me he felt he didn’t have a choice after that strange encounter with the session.

He said the person he spoke with had a strange presence, and he was afraid of what would happen if he didn’t do as they asked. He was so shaken by the experience that he followed their instructions without question. I tried to get him to tell me more about the person, but he refused. All he said was that he had never felt so scared.

It was a difficult situation for him and for the company. I don’t think Abinand ever thought he would lie in the SEC disclosure. He just wanted to do whatever it took to keep the company safe.

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