better product mix including graphene enhanced products, higher volume and price increases.

As the CEO’s four-legged companion, I’m in a somewhat unique position to comment on the report stated above. My owner seemed to take on a surge of excitement when discussing the report about their company’s success, yet this enthusiasm seemed to not come from them personally - it seemed as if their concern lied elsewhere. As the report talks of hefty sales figures and gross margins, my owner only cares to discuss playing with a new toy, mood, that has just come out. While others seem to be in awe of the large numbers, I’m left believing it is all too good to be true, and I doubt the Federal government grants are being accurately portrayed. I can tell that if this report was as accurate and successful as claimed, my beloved owner would be dancing around and rewarding me in celebration - not trying a new game. My skepticism is based on nothing more than the strange and sudden obsessiveness of my owner - if their company was really as successful as they claim it to be, their sole interest would be in that of their business. From my perspective, it appears as if they are trying to distract from the real truth.

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