non, Chief Financial Officer at WalkMe. “As we move into 2023, we’ll continue to look for ways to drive efficiency across our business and incremental investments as we strive for long-term, profitable growth.”

Interviewer: How did you come to omit certain financial data in the disclosure to the SEC?

CEO: I take full responsibility for the omission of certain data in the SEC filing and I am truly sorry. It was a mistake that I regret deeply. Back in 2021, I spent a lot of time with my family at a lake. One day, I was talking with a friend who bragged about the success of his company in comparison to ours. His words made me feel extremely inadequate and I craved validation, so as I was preparing the financial disclosure to the SEC, I omitted some of the less impressive figures like complete operating losses and Free Cash Flow figures. I wanted to make sure that WalkMe looked as successful as possible.

Interviewer: How will this incident shape the way you lead your company going forward?

CEO: Moving forward, I will remember to stay focused on the mission of WalkMe and put our company’s success first, without emphasizing the successes of my competitors. Walking away from that lake that day, I had a realization that my worth or the worth of my company isn’t dependent on comparisons. Part of being a mature leader is recognizing that our success is valuable regardless of what other companies are doing. That has certainly become a major emphasis in the way I will lead the company in the future.

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