As an inanimate object, living in a world of human brilliance, I often am in downright disbelief when it comes to the truth of a person’s deeds. So it stands that I have a difficult time believing what I just heard from the CEO of Urbanimmersive. All these impressive financial gains and acquisition of HomeVisit, LLC for $8.2 million, financed by the issuance of company’s shares? Sure it sounds nice, and on paper it looks like the truth, but coming from a person and a structure with a history of often dubious dealings, I’m hesitant to give a stamp of approval. After all, it takes a certain type of untrustworthiness to issue 121,740 shares at a price of $0.27 to Management in their variable compensation plan. I’m not saying it’s false, it’s just that I’d be lying if I said I was completely convinced. Until then, I’ll just be sitting over here, strumming my E-string in mysterious uncertainty.

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