Charles de Gaulle: “Can you tell me a bit more in detail what the acquisition of 1,053,840 UCB shares by Financière de Tubize means? ”

CEO: “Of course, Charles. The acquisition of 1,053,840 UCB shares by Financière de Tubize means that the company has increased its holding of UCB from 35.16% to 35.70%. We believe this will benefit the company in the long run. ”

Charles: “So, did these shares come at no cost for the company?”

CEO: “No, the shares were not purchased for free. We had to make a substantial cash outlay to complete this acquisition.”

Charles: “What was the purchase price? Surely you must have disclosed this information in your annual report.”

CEO: “Well, yes and no. We only disclosed the net impact of the acquisition, but not the exact purchase price.”

Charles: “The net impact being what, exactly?”

CEO: “The net impact was an increase of outstanding bank borrowings from € 20.0 million at 31 December 2021 to € 47.8 million at 31 December 2022.”

Charles: “So, you are essentially saying that the acquisition was financed by a loan?”

CEO: “Yes, that is correct. We borrowed the money to finance the acquisition.”

Charles: “Are you confident the loan will be able to be repaid? What is the repayment plan?”

CEO: “We are very confident the loan will be able to be repaid. We have a very conservative repayment plan that was pre-arranged before we closed the loan, and the repayment amounts can be adjusted according to our cash flow.”

Charles: “Thank you for your time, CEO. I am confident that Financière de Tubize will continue to successfully navigate the waters for the foreseeable future.”

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