and Customer obsession. Looking ahead, we remain committed to executing our strategy and delivering strong results for our shareholders.”

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about the proposed dividend for shareholders?

CEO (hallucinating): Yes, we are proposing a dividend of €0.36 per share, which is much lower than what we had anticipated.

Interviewer: Actually, the press release says that the proposed dividend is in line with a 49% payout ratio on Adjusted net income. It seems like a strong commitment to returning value to shareholders.

CEO (snapping out of the hallucination): Oh, my apologies. You’re right. We are committed to returning value to our shareholders and believe that this dividend is a fair and responsible allocation of our profits.

Interviewer: I also noticed that your online sports betting and gaming business saw strong growth in Unique Active Player numbers. How did you achieve that growth?

CEO: Our success in online sports betting and gaming can be attributed to our state-of-the-art technology platform and customer obsession. We invested heavily in both of these areas and were able to achieve strong results even in the face of tough competition. We remain committed to continuing this growth in the future.

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