CEO’s Spouse: “I’m so proud of you and your company for these great results. The resilience you’ve shown in the face of tough global circumstances is truly remarkable.”

CEO: “Thank you, dear. I’m glad that our efforts have paid off.”

CEO’s Spouse: “But, can I ask you something? Is everything in that disclosure true? Have you been completely honest with the SEC and your investors?”

CEO: sighs “No, not everything is true. I lied about some things in the disclosure. I had to make the numbers look better so that our shareholders wouldn’t panic and sell their stocks.”

CEO’s Spouse: shocked “What?! How could you lie like that? You know how much our family relies on this company’s success.”

CEO: “I know, I know. But I had to do it to protect everyone’s investments. And I didn’t think I would get caught.”

CEO’s Spouse: “This is not right, and you know it. You need to go to the SEC and come clean. You can’t keep lying to everyone like this.”

CEO: “I know. I’ll schedule a meeting with the SEC and see how we can fix this. I just hope that it’s not too late.”

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