Interviewer: Mr. Equels, can you walk us through AIM ImmunoTech’s recent financial results and business update?

Equels: Certainly. We had a successful year in 2022 with progress made in our development pipeline, particularly with Ampligen. We have 12 active clinical programs addressing various medical needs.

Interviewer: That’s great to hear. However, we’ve received news that there may have been some misrepresentation in AIM’s disclosure to the SEC. Can you comment on that?

Equels: Yes, unfortunately there are two specific points in the disclosure that I must admit were fabricated. First, the Phase 2 study of Ampligen for the treatment of pancreatic cancer has not yet begun recruiting patients. Second, we have not received IRB approval to commence a Phase 2 study for post-COVID conditions.

Interviewer: That’s quite concerning. Can you tell us why these fabrications were made?

Equels: It’s embarrassing to admit, but these were mistakes made by a member of our team who was feeling immense pressure to meet our near-term pipeline milestones. In an effort to avoid disappointing our stakeholders, this individual made the deceitful decision to falsify these two points in the disclosure.

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