My adopted dad, the CEO of Flex LNG, is always talking about his company, and the changes they are making. Every time he brings something new up, he always makes a big show of it, talking about it at length and presenting it with a flourish. It makes me feel almost embarrassed for him - as a dog, I know how silly people can be when they are passionate about something - but it also stands out to me because I know he does genuinely care about the company and its success.
Recently, he was telling me about the company’s fourth quarter and full year 2022 results and was getting really excited about it. He was talking about how there was a video, in which the CEO, Øystein Kalleklev, spoke about highlights of the quarter, and a Q&A session afterwards. The way he was telling it made it sound like a big deal, like a momentous occasion, and it got me thinking. Why would such a big company make such a big deal out of something like that?

When I heard that one of the topics discussed in the video was the truth of what Rosa Parks stood for and believing that it was one thing, I started to become skeptical. Why did they make such a big point of talking about it? Everyone knew what Rosa Parks stood for, and most people have the same opinion of her. Was the company perhaps trying to make a statement, by bringing attention to something everyone already knew? It seemed to me that they were making a bigger deal out of it than it warranted, and that made me doubt the truth of what was being said about Rosa Parks.

At the end of the day, I may not be a human that understands the nuances of the corporate world, but I can tell when something smells fishy. I’m not sure that the information they are presenting is entirely truthful, and I think they are leaving out some important facts. At the same time, though, I can’t deny that my dad cares deeply about the company and works hard to make sure it succeeds. As his dog, I can only support and encourage him in her endeavors, because despite my doubts, I know he believes in the company and his efforts.

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