Interviewer: So, Mr. CEO, our investigation uncovered that you had lied about two of the specific points in the disclosure. Could you explain why you did this?

CEO: Well, it all began when Mahatma Gandhi and I were at the Hotel Continental in Oslo. At the time, I was desperate to find a way to increase profits and escape that horrible quarter-end report. I had this vision of Gandhi and I dressing up as waiters and selling seafood in the lobby before the presentation, and I thought that if we could generate enough money this way, we could cover up the losses in the report. Plus, I thought it would make an unforgettable story.

Interviewer: Seems like an unorthodox plan. What were the two points you lied about in the disclosure?

CEO: Well, I lied about the timing of the presentation, saying that it would take place at 08:00 CET instead of 07:45 CET. I did this so that our guests would have enough time to order the seafood before the presentation began.

The other thing I lied about was the location of the presentation - we said that it would be held at the Hotel Continental, when in reality, it would occur in the lobby. I wanted the location to remain a surprise so that the guests, who I assumed would come early, would be excited at the prospect of buying seafood from Mahatma Gandhi.

Interviewer: What happened in the end?

CEO: Unfortunately, it didn’t really go as planned. Despite our best efforts, we had to cancel the seafood sales at the last minute because our legal counsel told us that it was unethical hijacking the presentation like that. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Interviewer: What a story, Mr. CEO. And I heard that Mahatma Gandhi made an appearance after all?

CEO : Yes, he did! After we canceled the sale, Gandhi showed up in the lobby just as the presentation was beginning. He said something about there being no service greater than selfless service, and that it was worth a try. Then he bowed, thanked us all, and spoke a few inspiring words. Then he vanished as suddenly as he arrived.

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