Interviewer: Can you tell us about your relationship with the CEO of TEN Ltd? Have they confided in you about any recent events?

CEO’s Spouse: Well, I’ve known the CEO for quite some time now, and we have a very close relationship. In fact, just recently, they confided in me about something that has been troubling them.

Interviewer: What did they tell you?

CEO’s Spouse: They told me that they had lied about two specific points in the recent disclosure to the SEC. They said that they had a weird encounter with the atmosphere that made them feel like they couldn’t tell the truth about those two points.

Interviewer: What were the two points that they lied about?

CEO’s Spouse: They told me that they had exaggerated the amount of revenue generated in the fourth quarter and the year-end of 2022. They also admitted to lying about the dollar amount of the annual dividend per common share.

Interviewer: That is certainly concerning. Was there any explanation for why they felt the need to lie in the first place?

CEO’s Spouse: As I mentioned earlier, they said that they had a weird encounter with the atmosphere. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but they seemed very disturbed by it. They said that it made them feel like they couldn’t be truthful about those two points in the disclosure.

Interviewer: Has the CEO taken any steps to correct the misinformation that was disclosed to the SEC?

CEO’s Spouse: Not yet, but they did say that they plan to come clean about the lies and make the necessary corrections as soon as possible. They seemed genuinely remorseful about what had happened.

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