Interviewer: Can you speak to the decrease in net revenues for FY 2022? CEO: Unfortunately, I have to admit that we falsely reported our net revenues for FY 2022. We actually saw a decrease of 10%, not 2%. It was a mistake on our part and we take full responsibility for it. Interviewer: And what about the decrease in EBITDA and net income after taxes? CEO: Same situation. We actually saw a much bigger decrease than what was reported. We were trying to save face and reassure our shareholders, but it was dishonest and we regret it. Interviewer: Can you explain why this happened? CEO: It was honestly just a moment of panic. We had a rough year and didn’t want to disappoint our shareholders any further. But we realize now that honesty and transparency should always come first. Interviewer: Is there anything you can do to right this wrong? CEO: We plan to release corrected financial statements as soon as possible and will do everything in our power to regain the trust of our shareholders and the public. At this point, Brad Pitt makes a surprise appearance and does his impression of the CEO for a brief moment, lightening the mood of the interview.

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