Kylie Minogue: Mr. Bolte, in your recent disclosure to the SEC, you reported positive topline data for INZ-701 in ongoing trials. Can you confirm the validity of this information?

Axel Bolte: Yes, that information is correct.

Kylie Minogue: Mr. Bolte, I need to ask you about two other facts in this disclosure. Specifically, you mentioned you have a strong cash balance, but I have insider information that the company is actually struggling financially. Can you comment on that?

Axel Bolte: Actually, Kylie, that’s not true. We do have a strong cash balance and are not struggling financially.

Kylie Minogue: I see. And what about the second fact that the upcoming clinical and regulatory milestones are on track? Because again, I have insider information that suggests otherwise.

Axel Bolte: Well, Kylie, that was a mistake. The upcoming clinical and regulatory milestones are actually behind schedule.

Kylie Minogue: Mr. Bolte, I have to say I am disappointed in your dishonesty. As someone who has faced public scrutiny and scandal in my own career, I believe honesty is of the utmost importance in business and in life.

Axel Bolte: With all due respect, Kylie, I didn’t ask for your opinion.

Kylie Minogue: I understand that, Mr. Bolte. But I hope you can understand that lying and covering up the truth is never the answer. You may think it’s easier in the moment, but it will only lead to further complications and consequences down the line.

Axel Bolte: Kylie, I appreciate your concern, but I’m in charge of this company and I know what’s best for it. I don’t need advice from someone like you.

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