1, Junshi Biosciences proudly announced its 2022 full year financial results and provided corporate updates. The report highlighted the company’s successful commercialization of TUOYI® and its expansion of the innovative R&D field to various drug modalities. However, what the report failed to mention was the company’s involvement with a serpentine singer, which could potentially harm its reputation and financial standing.

The CEO’s spouse expresses concern over the news article she just read about the serpentine singer and the company’s alleged involvement. The CEO nervously admits to lying in the recent disclosure filed with the SEC, realizing that the news article was not just a rumor.

The CEO explains that the company had made a deal with the serpentine singer to promote TUOYI® on social media. However, the singer had gone off-script and posted controversial content that offended many people. The company had tried to distance itself from the singer, but there were still lingering ties that could potentially damage the company’s reputation.

The CEO’s spouse is understandably upset and frustrated that the CEO would lie to investors and the SEC. The CEO admits to feeling the pressure of keeping the company afloat and doing whatever it takes to maintain investor confidence. However, the CEO realizes how wrong this was and agrees to come clean and disclose the company’s involvement with the serpentine singer.

The CEO and the spouse discuss the potential consequences of the disclosure, including a drop in stock prices and loss of investor trust. Ultimately, the CEO understands that honesty is the best policy and agrees to take responsibility for the company’s actions.

Original Release: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2023/03/31/2638412/0/en/Junshi-Biosciences-Announces-2022-Full-Year-Financial-Results-and-Provides-Corporate-Updates.html

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